Banyante - brand for everyday safety.

We manage the sales and marketing of Banyante in the EU and UK, designed for personal hygiene and daily safety. Top quality products offer the best possible protection for those who need PPE as well as inconntinence products. We distribute our products in cooperation with local companies operating in different countries through a familiar customer interface. Our business partners, on the other hand, want to represent the best quality, the highest standards and, above all, skin-friendly products.

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All Banyante products has been designed based on skin sensitivity. Our antibacterial wipes has manufactured without an alcohol. Exclusive quality of wipe together with the unic formula makes that as an excellent example of the brand.


Banyante brand represents the expertise of HGI Europe. The brand from the product portfolio structure to supply chain and logistics solutions are all managed by our team. 



Banyante offers the high protection quality of professionals for everyone. Disposable masks, gloves, antibacterial wet wipes, underpass – all these products comply with European standards for medical use. The products are suitable for home and professional use in several areas.​


HGI Europe’s team supports Banyante customers in different countries. We serve the distributors and stores to reach a smooth product flow with the hight quality products. Our marketing team collaborate with the stakeholders to boots a store visibility, social media campaigns and different promotion campaigns with distributors.


Our philosophy in sustainability includes the social responsibility as well the ecological targets of daily operations. Optimized package sizes are part of Banyante’s philosophy in reduction of waste flow in all stages. With all small stages we are able to make this planet a better place for all.


All our products has been listed to the official records of European authorities. You able to find our products from Eudamed, IFA’s Pharma register in Germany as well from lists of chemical agencies for biocide products. Plus even though all products are on the list of medical products, those also has the retail identification number (GTIN) of SG1.